Sunday, April 3, 2011

Installment 8


Brandon’s cock is way bigger than mine and I’m really jealous. Smoke and steam swirl around the bathroom. The door is closed to keep it all in and make it a little warmer. The heat has probably been turned off, too. Brandon gets in first with his back to the wall. That means I have to get in with my back to the faucet. Mildly irritating. The bathtub is really dirty. The walls around it are really dirty, too, stained black and brown.

“This is nice.” Brandon closes his eyes and leans his head back against the wall.

“I haven’t bathed in I don’t know how long.”

“I bathe pretty regularly.”

I ask Brandon what he’s been up to and at first he says he doesn’t really know and then he says he moved to Europe after their Grand Canyon excursion. Not any place specifically in Europe. Just Europe. Like it’s a city or something. Although he does mention the Eiffel Tower so maybe he’s talking about Paris. Then he says he can’t really tell me any more and asks what I’ve been up to. I tell him but I’m not really sure myself. I tell him about Dad drowning himself and how I thought it was really funny. I tell him about Mom in the asylum and how I never go visit her. And then I met Agatha and... I don’t know. There was Agatha and then there were the coats and Buddy. It seems like a lot more than that should have happened. But there are a lot of gaps. A lot of monstrous black spaces.

Brandon’s asleep and I think about drowning him. Drowning him and getting the hell out of the house to look for Agatha, to go the Grand Canyon, to do anything.

The bathroom door opens and the sad cheerleader enters.

“Cool! You guys are taking a bath.”

She looks even filthier than she did yesterday. Like she’s been cheering in a dust storm or on the side of the highway or something. She’s already stripping down. She gets in the bathtub between me and Brandon. Brandon is awake now. His erection has broken the surface of the water. The sad cheerleader’s back is to me.

“I’m glad you guys were here. I thought I was going to have to jill off. Hi. I’m Persephone Pointless. My friends call me Phone like the thing you talk into.”

“I always called you the sad cheerleader.” But it’s like I’m talking to no one, just staring at the knobs of her spine and finding them arousing.

“I’m Brandon Henson.”

“One of Andy’s friends?”

He shrugs and looks guilty. “Something like that.” He reaches his hands out and takes her small breasts in them. She moves back a little so her ass is pressing against my cock. She’s kissing Brandon. Her head moves down and she takes him into her mouth. She’s moved up onto her knees so I get on my knees and work myself into her heated sex. I can hear her gagging on Brandon but the motion causes her to tighten around my cock so I kind of like it. Water sloshes everywhere.

She pulls herself off Brandon’s cock and says over her shoulder, “Put it in my ass so I can actually feel it.” If I wasn’t so high this would probably sting but I do what she says. It takes some effort but I finally get it in there and then she’s maneuvering her legs so she’s practically sitting on Brandon and then he’s sliding up her cunt and my hands are on her breasts, the nipples tight and hard and Brandon is sucking on my knuckles or something and then I’m kissing Brandon and the sad cheerleader is laughing and shouting about how she’s coming and then me and Brandon are both standing up, towering over her, jerking off, his cock huge, mine miniscule and then we’re coming on the sad cheerleader and she’s still laughing or maybe she’s crying and I think it’s a good thing we’re in the bathtub.

She washes the come off and then Brandon asks if he could be alone for a few minutes so I leave the bathroom with Phone.

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